RJD Productions

RJD PRODUCTIONS offers full scale video production and post services.

Become a thought leader and reach new audiences

Content marketing is an effective way to build new audiences using the internet and social media.  Below is an example of successful content marketing that was created by RJD Productions for Wolters Kluwer.  This informational talk for nurses about Evidence Based Practice was recorded and placed on Youtube.  With minimal promotional efforts the number of views has grown dramatically over time and continues to grow, bringing audiences into contact with the Wolters Kluwer brand.  Not only has it helped to build company recognition, but it has established the speaker as an expert in the field, even bringing her additional offers to speak at schools and conferences.  In addition, other institutions have since bought the rights to use this piece in their educational materials.  Having reached over 70,000 views in a niche market, and brought in direct compensation, the cost of creating this piece is now at pennies per view and continues to drop dramatically as time passes.